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Some domain registrars erect barriers when you transfer a domain to another registrar. To be fair, some of the barriers are mandated by the domain registry.  There are a number of protections in place to make sure that the real domain owner is the person transferring the domain; that it's not being hijacked by an unauthorized party.

And then there are registrars who just seem to want to delay the process. Maybe they want to cuddle the domain one last time before it goes. We're just not sure. At the top of this list is GoDaddy.

Tip: for an explanation of domain registry and domain registrar, check out our handy article about hosting terms.

Once you've found your EPP code and placed a transfer order with us, you'll get an email confirming that you've asked for a transfer. They have to send this under the registry rules. Registry rules also allow them to sit on the transfer for some time (up to seven days). The transfer message has to have a link telling you how you can accelerate the transfer. So you'll get a message with lots of text and a very subtle link that's not easy to find (along the lines of to confirm this transfer immediately click here). That link will take you to your account where it's easy to get things done, right? Nope.

Never fear, this short guide will take you through the steps.

Once you're logged in to your GoDaddy account, get to your domain manager, and look for Pending Account Changes (highlighted in yellow).

The Domain Manager


This takes you to Pending transfers and "No domains in the correct state were found".

Inbound transfers

OMG you have no transfers! Don't panic, click on the "Transfers Out" button to get your actual transfer request.

Outbound transfers


Select the domain or domains you're transferring, then click on the "Accept Transfer" button. They will send you a "sorry to see you go" message with a bunch of tempting short term offers.

A few hours later (yes, still hours — last cuddle and all that), the registry will send you a confirmation request on our behalf. There's a clear set of links in the message, one to accept the transfer, one to reject it. Once you click on the accept link, the transfer will take effect and you're free!

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