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If you prefer to access your mail through Google Mail, it is possible to connect your Abivia Mail account to GMail directly. Here's how:

First, in GMail, click on the settings icon. That's the middle gear icon in the top right corner of your GMail Home page:

Google settings icon

This gets you to Quick Settings. Click on the "See All Settings" button:

Here you want the "Accounts and Import" tab:

Illustration of Accounts and Import tab selection

Under "Check mail from other accounts", select "Add a mail account":

This will pop up a new window asking you for the email to add:

Google add account screen

Click Next. You will see a preselected option "Import emails from my other account (POP3)" Click Next again and get the credentials screen:

Google credential entry screen

The SMTP server should be mail.{put your domain here}, so or etc. Your username is the full email address. The port number should be 995. Google will try to connect to your mail server and if successful will send you a confirmation message:

GMail connection verification message

That's it. Your Abivia mail should now show up in Google Mail.




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